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Downsizing - it seems insurmountable when we think about it!  Over the years we accumulate so much "stuff" whether it is gifts from loved ones, furniture we've inherited, or just drawings from our children, nieces and nephews, from kindergarten on.  But at some point, we find that we just can't take care of all of these things, this house, this yard and still have a lifestyle that we have earned.  Peace and quiet and maintenance-free living - at least to some degree

We have worked with many seniors over the years - establishing pricing for their homes, setting up movers, referring repairmen, marketing and selling their homes.  Let us help you or your loved one who is ready to do just that.  Give us a call.  We will come by and look around and give you our honest opinion of the market today and the value of your home.  We are anxious to help you cross that bridge that is ahead of you!

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