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What do they have in common?

Vic and I have been Seniors now for a few years (more for him, of course). But because of our “advancing ages” and the ages of those we care about, both family and clients, we’ve decided to help that group of people any way we can. So, even though there are quite a few years between those flappers of the 20’s and the twisters of the 60’s, we have one thing in common, as we get older, our housing needs change ~ that is the common ground.

In the process of researching and gathering information for our website, we ran across quite a few things that we consider important information for Seniors and included just a few below:


For some people, this may be the means for them to stay in their current home, or move to their retirement home and never make a mortgage payment. We know a local expert – he will tell you that low credit scores and liens against your home do not prevent you from taking advantage of that program. It can free you to stay right where you are. We'll be glad to put you in touch with him. 


If you know someone who needs assistance in order to stay in their home, we have the perfect company to help you. This company was started as a result of issues within the founder’s family which were sad, to say the least. He set up his company to help the Senior stay at home and preserve the family’s way of life ~ realizing that it can be turned upside down when loved ones need care.


With the growing number of Seniors, it seems there are retirement homes on every corner – but which is right for you? Do you have the money to “buy into” one of these beautiful “estate-like” residences, or are you just looking for a place you can own that has a first floor bedroom and amenities for you and your grandchildren to enjoy? There are places to fit every need right here in Hampton Roads. We have made it our business to gather that information for you.

The Sandwich Generation

Some of you might be right there – and not even know you have a “title”. But, we bet you know the feeling of being between your children and your parents and not knowing which way to turn. Hopefully, by solving the care and housing problems of your parents, it will free you to enjoy your own Senior years.

We would love to help you find your way thru this part of your life, whether you are the Senior or the person in the sandwich. Shoot us an email or give us a call and we will find the information you need.

The Challenges for Seniors in Selling Your Hampton Roads, VA Home

When it comes time to place your Hampton Roads, VA home, townhome, or condo on the market, you will have many decisions to make. It has often been said that selling a home is one of life's more challenging events, especially if you begin to think about the many wonderful memories that are attached to your current home. Holding on to your memories is important as you focus on each step of the home selling process. Then you can concentrate on looking forward to the excitement of moving to your new home where many new treasured experiences as a senior will take place. . We will protect your interests in the sale of the home and will ensure that no one will try to take advantage of you. You can count on us to help make the sale of your existing Williamsburg property and the transition to your new Williamsburg home much easier.

Your Exclusive Hampton Roads Home Selling Resource

As a senior home seller, you want to make your Williamsburg, VA home selling real estate transaction as smooth as possible, which requires the services of a Williamsburg expert real estate team, who is different from typical real estate groups. You deserve a team who specializes in selling homes with Senior Williamsburg home sellers and will utilize every successful marketing resource available to help you sell your Williamsburg home for top dollar and sell it quickly. Consider this section your exclusive Williamsburg, VA home selling resource for seniors.


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Using the Hampton Roads Neighborhood Sold Report as a tool to familiarize yourself with homes recently sold in your area is one of the smartest things you can do as a senior home seller. Having a knowledge of what other homes have sold for is important and this is just the tool to help. Be sure to contact us now to receive this valuable information regarding the sales of other homes in your neighborhood!

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