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Relocating or transitioning into a new Hampton Roads home means more than just finding that perfect piece of Hampton Roads property.  You have to consider the area and what it has to offer.  Starting a new phase of life in a new community is exciting, as well as scary, but as experienced Hampton Roads senior real estate agents we can help you learn more about the area.  Don’t hesitate to contact us, Vic and Diana Rondinelli, with all your Hampton Roads questions and concerns.

What to Consider When Moving to Hampton Roads Properties

If you have decided the fantastic area of Hampton Roads is the place for you, you want to start considering what else you need to know.  It is beneficial and time-saving to compose a list of questions to ask retirement communities so you get to know everything about them and can make an intelligent decision about living there.  For example, definitely ask about the type of care provided, price, staff information, emergency procedures and much more.  Check out the full list of questions within the site and feel free to print it out and take it with you on your tour of Hampton Roads communities.  You also want to consider the safety of the area and the home itself.  We have created a full list of safety tips to help you see the types of things to look for in your potential Hampton Roads home that make it the safest possible home for you.

Staying Active and Having Fun in Hampton Roads, VA

You’ve decided on the Hampton Roads area and found the perfect Hampton Roads home to fit your needs, so what else is there to consider?  If you are an active person, living in a community that has a variety of fun things to do may be of utmost importance to you.  Check out our list of things to do in Hampton Roads to discover the museum, tours and attractions that make Hampton Roads so appealing to seniors.  While experiencing the cultural, arts and historical options of Hampton Roads, make sure to take the time to get active and see what types of recreational activities there are for seniors.  No matter if you golf, play tennis, hike, camp or just about anything else, you will find something to suit your needs when you purchase real estate in Hampton Roads.

Keeping Yourself Safe in Hampton Roads, VA is Key

No matter where you live, identity theft is a real concern, especially for seniors.  We offer you a complete list of tips and strategies for identity theft prevention to help you maintain your own identity without the worry of someone ruining your credit.  As Hampton Roads real estate specialists we have been in many homes that we have sold, and as a result, we have noted some home remodeling tips that can be used to make your new Hampton Roads property as safe as possible. Please scan our compiled list or even take it with you when looking over your potential Hampton Roads house.

Looking Ahead to the Future in Hampton Roads

If this is the last home you will purchase and wish to remain here throughout your golden years, taking steps to complete estate planning is a good idea.  It is always beneficial to have your affairs in order at any age for the benefit of your loved ones.  You can count on us, Vic and Diana Rondinelli, to sit down and help you make plans and complete this process.  We have created a site designated for seniors moving to Hampton Roads, VA and we feel it needs all the necessary information you will need to make an informed and intelligent real estate decision.  If there are any other questions about the area, please contact us, and feel free to contact us with any suggestions of additional information you would like to see about the Hampton Roads area.  Welcome home to Hampton Roads.

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