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Remodeling Tips for Senior Hampton Roads Homeowners

As people age, something to consider is how well they can still live at home and continue daily activities with new challenges that accompany aging.   No one wants to leave the comfort of their home, unless they are ready for a move.  To make your Hampton Roads home safe in order for you to remain in it, there are modifications you can use.  Let me, Diana Rondinelli, Hampton Roads real estate specialist, pass along some tips about modifying your home, so you can safely remain there for as long as you want.

How to Safely Modify Your Hampton Roads Home

As you age, things like falls, being able to see clearly, and having to reach too high are new concerns.  Using the following home modification tips will help prevent accidents from happening.  Use the following list to see how safe your home is and what still needs to be changed:

To reduce falls:

• Secure or remove all loose carpeting and use double-sided tape on area rugs
• Put nonskid and reflective tape on any uncarpeted stairs.
• Remove all phone cords or extension cords from walkways
• Install handrails on both sides of all stairs
• Place decals, non-skid strips  and a seat in the shower or tub
• Install a “comfort height” toilet seat (eases raising and lowering)
• Have floor level entries into tubs, showers and toilets

To help decreased hand dexterity:

• Replace all plumbing fixtures and doorknobs with lever handles
• Use single-lever faucets
• Have easy-to-grip handles on cabinets and drawers throughout the home

To provide for loss of eyesight:

• Install night lights around exterior and interior for diminished night vision
• Decorate with contrasting light colors for decreased depth perception
• Add task lighting in hobby and activity areas

Modifying for Loss of Flexibility and Balance:

• Have a table, bench or seat near all outside doors to place packages on while opening the door
• Remove changes in floor heights – entire house should be the same
• Have tubs and toilets with floor level entries
• Mount grab bars and hand-held showerheads
• If there are higher levels and basements, make them accessible with elevators or stair lifts
• Lower light switches throughout the home
• Raise electrical outlets throughout the home
• Change the cupboards to have the slide in, slide out drawer features
• Modify kitchen appliances  - install wall ovens at a lower height, put microwaves on lowered cabinets, table or cart instead of over the range microwaves
• Modify countertops and sinks - lower and (if wheelchair bound) create areas for wheelchair to fit under.

If stairs are an obstacle, make the main floor a place to accommodate most daily needs:

•  Move the washer & dryer to the main level instead of basement or 2nd floor
• Have a main floor bedroom

If a wheelchair is necessary:

•  Widen all doorways and hallways
•  Install ramps at all entries
• Install hard flooring surfaces (carpet hard to use wheelchair on)
• Make all floor heights the same
• Make sure all tub and toilet entries are flat floor level
• Put in grab bars and handheld showerheads
• Install elevators and stair lifts if getting to other floors is necessary
• Raise all electrical outlets
• Lower light switches

You Can Remain at Home as You Age

If things that were easy to do in your home start getting more difficult as you age, it isn’t always necessary to just sell your home and find something more accommodating.  Use the previous list and make the needed changes and modifications to your current Hampton Roads home and you can still enjoy daily life in your own home.  If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me, Diana Rondinelli, as your Hampton Roads real estate professional, and I’ll offer you all my expertise and knowledge.

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