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Questions to Ask Hampton Roads Retirement Communities

Frequently Asked Questions to Use When Visiting a Hampton Roads Retirement Community

If you are thinking of moving into a Hampton Roads Retirement Community, there are several questions you definitely need to ask, in order to be completely informed.  Making the decision to search Hampton Roads Retirement Communities is a big one and not knowing what to ask could affect the outcome of finding the perfect Hampton Roads property to meet your needs.  Also, having a knowledgeable Hampton Roads real estate team on your side can save you time and excess stress.  Contact me, Diana Rondinelli, to help you start your search and please read this article to get some ideas of the kinds of questions to ask about Hampton Roads Retirement Communities.

Consider Care Levels Offered

At the beginning of your search, you definitely want to know what type of care levels are offered at each community.  You want to make sure you are moving to a location that can fulfill all your specific needs.  Levels to ask about may include:
• Independent Living
• Memory Care (Alzheimer’s/Dementia)
• Physical Therapy
• Continuum of Care (CCRC)
• Respite Care
• Special Therapy
• Assisted Living
• Skilled Nursing
• Occupational Therapy
• Personal Care (KY only)
• Rehabilitation
• Respiratory Therapy

Price is Always a Big Consideration

No matter what you are looking for, the cost of a Hampton Roads Retirement Community is going to be one of your major concerns.  Questions you will want to ask include:
• Is there an entrance fee? And, if so, how much?
• What are the daily, weekly and/or monthly fees and what do they cover?
• Are there extra services provided, and if so, what are they and their cost?
• Is there a volunteer program available?
• What payment methods do you accept?  Is it private pay, private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Long Term Care or some other form?

A Great Staff is Always a Necessity

When choosing a Hampton Roads Retirement Community, you want to make sure you select the location with the best staff.  Everyday life would not be much fun with an unkind staff of people to offer you daily assistance.  Some questions you want to ask the Retirement Community (as well as keep an eye out while you are touring) are:
• Is personnel around and easy to get along with?
• Are the staff members friendly and accommodating?
• Will the staff be accessible to both me and my family?
• Is there someone available round-the-clock?

Activities that Entertain Are Always a Plus

While touring the Hampton Roads Retirement Community you are considering, make sure to look around and see what fun things they plan and do.  Living in a Retirement Community in Hampton Roads without activities can be boring, so be sure to look around and ask about the planned activities they have.  Questions you should ask include:
• Is there an activity program available to residents?
• Is there an Activities Director to plan fun things for residents?
• Do you encourage family members to participate in the activities with the residents?
• Is there a calendar of activities posted in a common area so I can keep track of what I want to participate in?
• Will there be a common area where I can socialize and does it include a television?
• Is there an available salon/barber shop for residents?

Must Consider What Type of Food is Served

Living in a place where horrible food is served on a daily basis can make life miserable, so make sure to question the site as to their menu and food practices.  Questions to ask the staff or to make a mental note of include:
• Is there available help, if needed, with eating?
• Do you accommodate various Dietary needs?
• If requested, are seconds allowed?
• Are there snacks, and if so, what are they?
• Are any changes allowed for residents who don’t enjoy their meals? (and ask some of the current residents about the food to get honest feedback)
• Ask yourself – How does the food look and how is the presentation?
• Ask yourself – Was the dining are well furnished and clean? (take the time to look around)

General Questions to Ask and Consider During and After the Visit

There are general “housekeeping” questions you want to put on your list of things to ask so you are fully informed about the Hampton Roads Retirement Community you are considering.  These are important questions that you definitely don’t want to overlook, which include:
• What are the site’s emergency procedures?
• What is the response time of the staff members? (may be helpful to ask some current residents)
• What are the evacuation procedures and how efficiently do the staff members carry them out?
• Are family members allowed to be a part of a resident’s care, and if so, is there a convenient location to carry it out?
• Does the site have a controlled entry system?
• Can residents access an emergency pull cord system?
• How does the site look?  Is it clean and neat in all areas?
• How are the odors?  Are there any areas with unpleasant odors?
• How do the current residents seem in the surroundings?  Do they seem happy, just content or miserable?

Being More Informed Will Lead to Better Decisions

When you’ve compiled your list of questions and visited the Hampton Roads Retirement Communities you want to see, you should have enough information to make the best decision for yourself and/or family.  Conducting a search can be a stressful time by wondering if you are asking the right questions and looking for the pertinent amenities.  To ease some of that stress and make the process easier, an experienced Hampton Roads real estate specialist can be valuable.  Contact me, Diana Rondinelli, to help you in your search for Hampton Roads Retirement Communities.  We will find the perfect place to meet all your needs.

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